About Us

My philosophy and goal is to be your coach in achieving optimal health. My approach is to work with each individual at their current health status, recognizing that everyone has a unique biochemistry that defines their body’s requirements. While looking at calories has been the traditional form of nutrition counseling for many years, and plays its role in one’s health, this may not be my primary area of focus. This will depend on your individual needs and goals. Looking at health history, including past and current medications, supplements, exercise habits, illnesses among other health related things will paint a picture of overall health status. From this, we will be able to see where there may be nutrient insufficiencies that are interrupting proper metabolic processes in the body. The nutrients required for proper functioning of your body may not be met by your diet, and this could be affecting how you feel each day. I do not adopt a cookie cutter approach to nutrition, nor do I subscribe to any one way of eating. We all have personal tastes, and eating should be enjoyable and at the same time nourishing. I do encourage a whole foods approach that includes a lot of plant based foods that provide needed nutrients for your body.