Sugar and Pain…It’s Connected!


Did you know that sugar is highly addictive, and it feeds inflammation by its acidity and by its effect on your blood’s sugar and insulin balance. Because of this connection to inflammation, sugar feeds PAIN!!! The elevated levels of insulin actually are directly related to pain. It is believed that high levels of blood sugar trigger something called “central sensitization” in which spinal cord nerves are highly sensitive to certain stimuli, including chemicals. While this idea comes from newer research, it is validated by those who suffer from fibromyalgia who report flare ups in conjunction with higher sugar intake.

Sugar is hidden in all processed foods. Even a protein bar can be expected to contain between 15g-25g of sugar! It is recommended that you only consume 25g of sugar per day to help balance blood sugar and restore insulin sensitivity. That isn’t very much when you think of 10g of sugar in a single serving of children’s breakfast cereals, and most kids consume more than a single serving at a sitting! How much sugar might you be consuming without realizing it eating the foods you are accustomed to eating?

The hard part is, we are hard wired to seek sugary foods. No matter how advanced we become in our thinking as humans, we still are driven by a primal brain that wants us to feed on high calorie, high sugar foods for survival. However, we will not be experiencing a famine any day soon, and it can be tricky to rewire our thinking and cravings for healthier options. The good news is: IT CAN BE DONE! Sugar cravings can be stopped and your palate forever changed.