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I am amazed at the amount of nutrition information that is available to the public.  Particularly when it goes beyond just calories and how much fat/protein/carbohydrates a person requires.   Metabolism is based on more than macronutrients, and here are some interesting videos you can watch to see why a nutrient dense diet is so important.

Food Matters is about an hour long film on why food matters.  Why it is so important to feed your body good, fresh foods.  My kids watched this film, and something really clicked for them when they did.  It was like all of my nutrition talk finally made sense when these other experts were bringing it together on screen!  I think you will find it valuable and interesting.

This You Tube video is a talk by Robert Lustig who works with pediatric obesity.  He has written several books on the dangers of sugar in the American diet.  He is funny, engaging and makes sense.  His message is clear and so important for the public to hear!

This You Tube video is a short talk by Dr. Terry Wahls, who suffered from multiple sclerosis, and was able to heal with nutrition. She is a medical doctor who found herself stuck in conventional medical treatment for her MS, and it wasn’t working.   Her message is simple and her story truly amazing.  She gives the simple recipe of whole foods, with lots and lots of fresh produce as the key to wellness and healing from disease.  She is truly amazing!