Whole Food Supplements

Do you know what is in your supplements?  Are they giving you all your body needs without added chemicals as stabilizers?

One thing to look for is the “USP” label, which indicates a company’s voluntary admission of their product contents.  This will at least tell you if what you are purchasing is safe without added chemicals that can add to your body’s toxic load.

Another consideration is whole food derived content versus chemical content.  Most vitamin supplements on the market are laboratory derived as isolates of the actual vitamin itself.  They do not consist of the actual, complete vitamin form used by the body in chemical reactions.  For the body to utilize these partial components, they must be added to in order to create a complete, active molecule that can work as a co-factor.  This is something I personally had not thought about until recently researching “whole food supplements”.  What I found was an amazing company called “Standard Process”.  They have been researching and developing supplemental vitamins for many decades.  The supplements they provide are derived from whole, organic produce that is juiced and gently dehydrated into a powder form that can be encapsulated.  In not using chemicals or heat, the vitamins are not compromised, and your body is getting pure vitamin form that goes straight to your cells for necessary cell function.  WOW!

Standard Process strives to bring the best supplement products to the public and have joined with “Medi-Herb” of Australia as well, to provide high quality herbal supplements for your health.  Standard Process products can only be obtained through a health care professional.  If there is something you would like to order, please contact me and we can make that happen!  To see their full list of supplements, go to www.standardprocess.com

Make the most of your supplements and the most of your investment in your body and health!  Call today for a consult or to place an order.

Be well!

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